Tanner Molendyk, 8/6/2022

Hlinka Gretzky Cup

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A brilliant skating, flashy, offensive-minded defenseman who loves to have the puck on his stick. Excellent edgework and agility– very poised and calm when skating with the puck (something he does frequently). Lacks no confidence in his play with the puck. Noticed him making quite a few high-risk, high-reward type plays throughout the tournament. His four-way mobility stood out as the best of any D on Canada. Smaller defenseman, but can be physical at times. Could stand to improve his efficiency with the puck and moving the puck quicker through passes rather than resorting to carrying it. Can create offense in the offensive zone but excels most in transition. Had some powerplay opportunities and impressed with his puck movement. Skating is his strongest asset and he knows how to use it. Smart player who controls the puck well using his body and does a lot to mitigate concerns about his sub 6’0” frame. Consistency and efficiency are the concerns that need to be improved.