Shane Wright


Vs. Ottawa 67’s

Was the best player on the ice. Plays such a good all-around game. Controls the puck with ease. Not exceptionally fast but uses edges to be agile. Very accurate shot. Crisp and accurate passes. Exceptional hockey IQ. Great at puck/board battles. Not really anything he can’t do. Resembles Crosby’s playing style. Should be 1st overall pick.


Vs. Ottawa 67’s

Pedestrian game for Shane Wright. Wright’s puck protection and stick handle is really good- he places his hands low and keeps them in tight making him able to have more control and keep the puck away from opponents. Wright deployd the punch turn skating turn, making him very agile with the puck in the offensive zone. Great defensive player overall. Is a beast with his stick in tight areas- with or without the puck. Made numerous good defensive plays in this game. Very sturdy on skates.


Vs. North Bay

Decent game for Wright. I worry about his skating and lack of dynamism. It is concerning for a potential #1 pick and was something I was hoping to see much improved this season, but it is not. We know he has the handling, IQ, pro-style game and effort to be a very good player, but he needs more zip to his game. Positioning was top notch in this one, same as decision making. Looks like Leon Draisiatl.