Eduard Sale, 8/6/2022

Hlinka Gretzky Cup

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The most impressive draft prospect at the Hlinka. It starts with his skating, which is exceptional– his skating stride is powerful and effortless and he uses it to blow by defenders with ease. His skating is hard to handle– by the time defenders realize how fast he is skating, it is too late. Agility is great, but not as exceptional as his speed off the rush. Created numerous chances off the rush, both for himself and for teammates. He also knows how to use his skating to constantly push the pace of the game– skating at full speed and moving the puck quickly. Defensively, he is also above average, making a few notable plays and stealing pucks. Can handle the puck in traffic. Excellent finishing ability + shooting combination. Playmaking instincts are strong but the execution isn’t always there– this could be the adjustment from Czech U20 to this level. Vision is above average. Massive potential in this player with the potential for high production, a strong transition game, and a strong two-way game. Sale will play himself into the top-5 by the end of the season. Very raw prospect with lots of room to grow, including adding strength to his frame.

Ben Misfeldt