2020 NHL Draft Profile: John-Jason Peterka

John-Jason Peterka RW, EHC München (DEL) 5’11″/192 lbs., 18.05 years TPN Rank: #21 Strengths: Electrifying skater with great straight-line speed that opens up space for himself and his teammates. Peterka’s speed makes him very deadly in transition, often catching defenders unprepared to defend him properly, leaving gaps in the ice which he often compromises on.Fluidity … Continue reading 2020 NHL Draft Profile: John-Jason Peterka

Three Players Apply for the CHL’s Exceptional Status

Prior to last year, only five players had ever received the CHL’s so called Exceptional Status. This allows players to enter the CHL a year younger than normal, at 15 rather than 16. So it came as a shock to many when two players applied for the status for the 2019-20 season. Matthew Savoie and … Continue reading Three Players Apply for the CHL’s Exceptional Status

2020 NHL Draft Profile: Anton Lundell

Anton Lundell is the kind of player who will certainly be going high in the draft due to his well-roundedness at such an early stage in his career (yes, he is 18, but 18 is still very young in a player's development). He's already put it together as far as enabling himself to perform physically in the way he clearly envisions on the ice. Both on and off the puck he's got his wits about him, and will be NHL-ready or very close from the first game of the season.