Brayden Yager, 8/6/2022

Hlinka Gretzky Cup

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Dominant offensively throughout the whole tournament. Elite, NHL calbire shot already in his arsenal– he can get a tonne of velocity on a quick, unpredictable release off his outside foot. Even without the elite shot, he is a capable playmaker and excellent all-around offensive player. More of an average skater than an elite one, but brings the pace to make up for it by always keeping his feet moving. Controls the puck really well and can make plays from and into the inside of the ice. When possessing the puck in the offensive zone, he keeps his feet moving to open up passing lanes, making him a playmaking option as well a a shooter. Strong on his skates and on the puck but doesn’t play an overly physical game. Very well-positioned player who can find the soft spots. Will have a large uptick in offense for Moose Jaw this season and should be a top-10 selection when all is said and done.