About Us

Ben Misfeldt, Ontario + Head Scout

Ben founded the site in September 2019 to provide a new look in the NHL drafting process using creative approaches to evaluating NHL prospects. A student of Sport Management at Brock University, Ben is an aspiring NHL Scout/General Manager. 

Contact: misfeldtb@gmail.com

Twitter: @BBMHockey

Sam Happi, Western Canada

Known for his extremely detailed breakdowns, Sam is a knowledgeable talent evaluator and an admirable worker. For the 2021 NHL Draft, he will be covering the Western Canada crop, focusing on the WHL, BCHL, and AJHL. 

Contact: samhappi77@gmail.com

Twitter: @DraftLook

Mitchell Adamson, Eastern Canada

A second-year student of Sport Management at Brock University and a student of the game of hockey, Mitch will be covering Eastern Canada for the 2021 NHL Draft, with a major focus on the QMJHL.

Twitter: @Mitche11Adamson

TPEHockey, USA

TPEHockey is an expert when it comes to covering goaltending prospects and pre-draft prospects. You’ll see him often posting about the top prospects from the 2022, 2023, and 2024 NHL Drafts in addition to hyping up Yaroslav Askarov every chance he gets. 

Twitter: @TPEHockey

Rich Coyle, USA

Twitter: @RichFiveNine

Tobias Petterson, Europe

A dedicated Swedish scout, Tobbe has a passion for identifying up-and-coming European superstars like Matvei Michkov.  Known for his bold opinions, Tobbe once said when nobody else did that Elias Pettersson was the best player of the 2017 draft– his ultimate claim to fame.

Contact: saibot8@gmail.com

Twitter: @ManUtdTobbe

Nick Lacoste, Admin

Contact: nicklacoste44@gmail.com

Twitter: @nhlacoste