2020 NHL Draft Profile: John-Jason Peterka

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John-Jason Peterka

RW, EHC München (DEL)

5’11″/192 lbs., 18.05 years

TPN Rank: #21


Electrifying skater with great straight-line speed that opens up space for himself and his teammates.

  • Peterka’s speed makes him very deadly in transition, often catching defenders unprepared to defend him properly, leaving gaps in the ice which he often compromises on.
  • Fluidity in his stride makes his speed very translatable to the next level. Already one of the fastest players in the DEL.
  • His quick thinking and solid hockey intelligence allows him to often make the right play in the offensive zone resulting in goal scoring opportunities.
  • His speed and tenacity translate defensively making him a very capable defensive forward with a physical and high energy edge.

Slick hands and a powerful shot make Peterka all the more proficient in the offensive zone.

  • John-Jason Peterka’s hands manage to keep up with his super-fast feet, allowing him to get his shot off in heavy pressure.
  • Peterka has averaged just over 1.5 shots per game in the DEL this year, a very impressive total especially when you consider the fact that he only averages about 11 minutes a game.
  • His quick hands allow Peterka to find his teammates for dangerous scoring opportunities in tight spaces which he often displays around the net on the man advantage.


Peterka’s skills are still very raw and could need some serious development time to work out.

  • Peterka is very much a straight-line player– he lacks good lateral agility which sometimes limits his offensive potential, despite his high energy style of game.
  • Flashes of great speed skill are met with great lapses of shift-to-shift and game-to-game inconsistency.
  • Peterka often shoots from poor angles before allowing a play to properly develop.

The Numbers:


Following a 94 point performance in the Czech U19 in his D-1 season, Peterka has managed 10 points (6 goals 4 assists) in 32 DEL games so far this season. These are very impressive numbers, especially when you take into account the historical context of Peterka achieving the 4th highest point totals of U18 players  in the last two decades. However, it is worth noting that 2 of the 3 higher point totals of U18 players in the DEL come from fellow countrymen Tim Stutzle and Lukas Reichel this season. In many respects, Peterka historic statistics have been out shined by his fellow Germans this season leaving his statistical evaluation in a very tricky spot with the sudden emergence of elite level German talent. 

Knowing this, I thought it would be good to look at some of Peterka’s underlying numbers so far this season in the DEL. 

Peterka’s numbers in many ways are representative of his game, showing just how dangerous he can be in transition averaging 15.7 zone entries/60. What is concerning however, is how bad his possession numbers are despite playing for the best statistical team in the DEL. This could very well be a result of the relatively small sample size or how Peterka is deployed for Munchen. Overall though, playing against men, Peterka’s numbers are impressive and something to monitor as the year goes on.


A super fast and explosive winger with great hands, Peterka is already a solid contributing forward in the DEL and he just turned 18 years old. Something that is very rarely seen. We have him ranked 21st on our board and Colin Cudmore’s consolidated list has him at 31st, so going in the first round is very much a possibility for Peterka, and rightfully so. His speed and puck skills are some of the best in the draft and his upside sky high, making him one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2020 draft.

Peterka has many options for where to play next season, whether it be Munchen again, the Barrie Colts in the OHL or even the AHL, he has many open paths for development.

Peterka projects as a speedy top 6 winger with both powerplay and penalty kill abilities in the NHL. Making him super valuable to NHL teams for his offensive upside and versatility. However, Peterka, compared to most prospects, is harder to project due to his raw style of play and lack of statistical comparisons, making him all the more alluring.

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